Fatigue, small eyes, dark circles on the face and wrinkles are the worst enemies of an attractive look. Discover here how to have big eyes. Get all the makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger.

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By applying and playing with some makeup tips and natural remedies, it is possible to wear larger and more open eyes.

When we sleep badly, are tired or have health problems, the eyes accumulate water, toxins and fats.

It is very disturbing to get up in the morning and to see big dark circles under our eyes, which are hard to hide. Many women use makeup, but is it a good idea? It is definitely a good temporary remedy, but not a solution.

It is always best to use home remedies and then use a concealer to refine the appearance of the eyes. In this way, you can avoid the extra makeup that is unsightly.

Discover here 6 tips to have bigger eyes.

Larger eyes: chamomile treatment

Larger eyes chamomile treatment

When you get up and notice in the mirror that you have dark circles, put two teaspoons in the freezer.

Prepare a chamomile tea with 150 ml of water and 2 sachets of chamomile infusion. When it all comes to a boil, turn off the heat and let it rest.

After 15 minutes, remove the spoons from the freezer and put them on your dark circles for at least 30 seconds. Then, remove them and apply on your dark circles cotton soaked with the infusion of chamomile that you carried out.

It’s very simple: just alternate the application of the cold spoon with the treatment with chamomile. This hot-cold remedy will allow you to reactivate the blood circulation in your dark circles and help you reduce inflammation.

Larger eyes: define your eyebrows

To have more open eyes, adopt a suitable eyebrow shape, because they are the ones that define your eyes and give you a more elegant appearance.

As you already know, dense eyebrows are fashionable, but that does not mean you should not take care of them. You must cut them well. Brush them up and mark them well with a brown pencil.

Larger Eyes: The Importance of Eye shadow

  • You have to use 3 different shades to make the eyes look better and make them look bigger.
  • The secret is to use lighter tones in the area below your eyebrows. A flesh color offers very good results: it gives more amplitude to your look.
  • Use a slightly darker tone in the outer corner of the eye.
  • On the eyelid, opt for a bright but bright eye shadow. This will bring light to your eyes.

Larger eyes: white pencil in the inner part of the eye

  • Never forget this advice. Use a white pencil to draw the inner line of your eyes.
  • This is the best trick to have a bigger and more open look.

Larger eyes: thicken your lashes

  • Larger and thicker lashes can also help you have bigger eyes.
  • How to achieve it? Thanks to an adapted make-up and some house tricks.

Treatment with castor oil

  • Each evening, apply this very simple home remedy based on castor oil.
  • Soak a cotton ball of two drops of castor oil.
  • Moisten your lashes with a gentle massage.

If you wish, you can combine castor oil with olive oil or almond oil. These oils will allow you to promote the growth of your eyelashes and take great care in everyday life.

Make-up tips for denser eyelashes

Mascara is an indispensable tool to have bigger eyes. Always apply it from bottom to top starting with the root of your eyelashes and being careful to separate them.

Once you have applied this little layer, spray a little talc while being very careful. This trick will allow you to have lashes more vigorous, more beautiful and denser. Then apply a new layer of mascara.

The eyeliner is the next step. Always try to opt for liquid eyeliner and not a stiff black pencil.

At the time of use, draw a thick line on the bottom of your eyelid and finish with a thinner line that widens slightly at the outer end of your eyes. If you want get one pair of eyelash extensions to makeup your eyes don’t miss the lashestst’s eyelash extensions wholesale products.

Larger eyes: discreet lips that highlight the eyes

To conclude, keep in mind that for your eyes to attract attention, it is necessary that lip makeup be discreet. Opt, for example, for a very light pink tone or for the flesh color.