As you know eyes play a very crucial role in enhancing your overall beauty. So, you need to be very particular when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup is a process that involves the usage of various cosmetic products to make the eyes look beguiling and discernible. The ones who are more into eye makeup are the females. Sometimes, all kinds of artists who perform on a stage can also be seen wearing eye makeup. There is a wide range of eye makeup products available in the market which you can buy online as well as offline. Eye makeup products are the ones that are used in the eye regions of your face to make them appear more intense and beautiful.

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Different Types of Eye Makeup

The different types of eye makeup that you can create with the help of a varied range of products available in the market are as follows:

  • The Smokey eye look

Smokey eyes can never really go out of trend. It is such a look that goes exceptionally perfect with minimal face makeup. You can try this look with almost all ethnic outfits and it goes well with both day as well as night party look. As the name suggests, Smokey eye can be created just by making the eye areas darker with the help of grey, black, or brown eyeshadows over your eyes and blending them properly.

  • The Gradient eye look

This eye look is also very much in trend nowadays. For creating a gradient eye look you need to use a light-toned eye shadow at the beginning of the eye area and a darker shade of eye shadow at the end. You can try this eye look anytime you are going for an outing.

  • The Cat eye look

If you need that chic yet sophisticated eye look without putting much efforts you can try out the cat-eye look. It has never been out of fashion since 1960. Application of eyeliner along the edge of your eyes is what must be done to create a perfect cat-eye look.

  • The Natural eye look

This is the easiest on go eye look you can create for a casual outing or even if you are going out for college or office. In this look, you need to cover the waterline of your eyes with Kohl and then apply a simple eyeliner stroke.

  • The Cut Crease eye look

If you are about to get decked up for a wedding party, you can carry on the cut crease eye look without even giving it a second thought. For creating this look, you just need to create a ridge that will give your eyeshadow a very elegant look.

  • The Thick Eyeliner look

For a bold and sassy look, drop the kohl, eyeshadow and other products. Jo goes with applying thick winged eyeliner and this is sure to give you the look as well as a feeling of a diva.

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Analysis of Eye Make-up

Whenever you are up for doing the Make-up of your eyes, there are a lot of things to be done. Since there are many parts around the eye area, and each part has to be taken into consideration. Here are the two main parts to be focused upon while you are doing eye makeup:

  • Eyebrows 

You just cannot skip defining your eyebrows while doing a makeover of your eyes. You can use an Eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, or even a Kohl pencil for this purpose. If you are not having any of these in the black colour you can choose the brown one too.

  • Eyelashes 

There are many ways you can try to beautify your eyelashes. One of them is to use falsies. There are several kinds of false eyelashes, including mink lashes available at the stores which are both reasonably priced and are simple to apply.

As mentioned earlier, doing eye make is an important part of the makeup regime since it has the potential to make a lot of difference. If your eye makes goes wrong, your entire look is sure to get spoiled. If you are a makeup fanatic, go try doing your favourite eye makeup and click numerous pictures. In this article, all the basics of eye make up were discussed and we hope it to be of great help to you.