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Why Eye Make-up Is An Essential Part Of Your Get Up?

Why Eye Make-up Is An Essential Part Of Your Get Up

As you know eyes play a very crucial role in enhancing your overall beauty. So, you need to be very particular when it comes to eye makeup. Eye makeup is a process that involves the usage of various cosmetic products to make the eyes look beguiling and discernible. The ones who are more into eye makeup are the females. Sometimes, all kinds of artists who perform on a stage can also be seen wearing eye makeup. There is a wide range of eye makeup products available in the market which you can buy online as well as offline. Eye makeup products are the ones that are used in the eye regions of your face to make them appear more intense and beautiful. (more…)

How to Use Mink Eyelashes for Prolonged Period?

How to Use Mink Eyelashes for Prolonged Period

Mink eyelashes make eyes look gorgeous, they are super smooth and flexible, and they cost more than standard synthetic eyelash extensions. Users know these facts and they still buy mink falsies to create impressive eyes.

Although mink lash extensions are costlier, there is one thing you can try to make them affordable. You can reuse them several times or keep them glued to your lash line for six to eight weeks. Yes, these things are possible to do but only if you take care of the following things. (more…)

Mink lashes: What are they made of and why do people use it?

Mink lashes What are they made of and why do people use it

For every fashion maniac out there, a set of eyelash extensions is a necessity. With the advancement of the fashion industry, 3d high-quality mink eyelash extensions are available that can instantly render a glamorous look to your outfit. Real mink eyelashes are lightweight, having a natural appeal, enabling you to stand out from others on any occasion. They enhance the beauty of your eyes, make them look more attractive. They blend well with your natural eyelashes, making them look thicker, longer and darker. If you want an enticing charming look for your party, apply a set of real mink eyelashes and your work will be done. (more…)

The best eyelash extension has the power to increase your glow before others


The eyelash extension has the power to glow your eyes as like a twinkling star. Not all eyes would be attractive and impressive. Thinking about the poor natural eyelash many would feel bad. To overcome from those problems and to look more gorgeous before others there sure the best eyelash extensions can help you. (more…)

How False Eyelashes Become A Must-Have Makeup Props

How False Eyelashes Become A Must-Have Makeup Props

The importance of eyelashes in the appearance of the face has long been underestimated. Today, fortunately, this is no longer the case, and all women have realized the importance of eyelashes in making a look sensual and fascinating, as well as the whole face more attractive. It is the details that make the difference, and those who by nature do not have particularly noticeable lashes, dark and curved, can now easily remedy them thanks to the multiplicity of treatments available to those who want to accentuate the look. ┬áSo let us know how false eyelashes become a must-have makeup props. (more…)

Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

makeup tips for your eyes

Fatigue, small eyes, dark circles on the face and wrinkles are the worst enemies of an attractive look. Discover here how to have big eyes. Get all the makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger. (more…)

How to choose the best mink lashes

How to choose the best mink lashes

Using mink lashes is one of the best ways to naturally elevate look of your eye and it is not only comfortable to wear but also it is smooth in appearance. It is made from the selected mink fur hairs which could be brushed from the live mink by hand. Application of the mink lash is relaxing and easy process. Before you are planning to attach for eyelash extension, you must concern about how to apply mink eyelash. This kind of the lash comes in different kinds of the sizes which is ranging from kardashian length to the natural one. (more…)