Luke Skywalker is known to be one of the most powerful and strongest characters of the star wars series. He was one of the most skilled Jedi alive. He was the hero of the Rebellion. Besides his strong and powerful personality, this character is very famous among the fans for its costumes.  This alliance hero whenever came to the screen in its powerful costumes have taken the hearts away. Every youngster wanting to go to some theme party or costume competition tends to consider it an option. As the main character, this costume represents the main part of star wars. The most loved and appreciated costume of Luke Skywalker is its Cosplay costumes.

Here is the list of the best of Luke Cosplay costumes and also a way to get the look together:

Luke Cosplay costumes

A new hope costume for Luke Skywalker

This is a costume which Luke was seen to wear in the very first movie of star wars. It reflected the position he had among other Jedi members. It showed high status and strength. Here are some tiny pieces to collect to get together this costume:

A New Hope Luke Cosplay costumes
A New Hope Luke Cosplay costumes
  1. Top: You must have seen Luke wearing an old worn up white shirt in its costume. Got an old karate shirt? If yes, then you’ve got the most of the outfit. If not, just buy one karate shirt but not the one with exactly white color.
  1. Pants: to match the costume dynamics well, all you need is a sand-ish color pant and you will be ready to go with that shirt. Also, this pant is going to come in use even after you have o role to play with the costume.
  1. Boots:here, if you want to spend your money on something that can be used after the costume purpose, you should definitely go for some white sneakers that will go with the costume. But, to exactly be in the costume, you can buy knee-high boots of the same color.
  1. Belt: belt adds crisp to every costume. For this costume, you should try and look for the one with the brownish color and definitely a big rectangular buckle.
  1. Belt pockets: for this costume to work for you, not adding belt pockets could be a downfall. Add at least 2-3 pockets that match your belt and put them in a way that makes it look similar.
  1. Lightsaber: well, adding all the above and not adding this item will spoil it all. To make the costume that has more effect, this is a must-have. Buy a blue Lightsaber to make the perfect costume.

Empire strikes back Luke Skywalker costume

Empire strikes back Luke Skywalker costume

Star wars 9 the rise of the skywalker Luke Cosplay costume made a significant impact on the audience. It has three similar things from the last costume mentioned. Those are;

  1. Boots: you need the similar brown boots mentioned in the above costume as well. The boots remain the same in all the costumes of Luke skywalker.
  2. Belt: the same brownish color belt will be good to with this costume as well.
  3. Lightsaber: obviously, the magic tool remains the same in every series. So, go with the same blue Lightsaber as mentioned above.

Get them all and get started with the costume with two more additional.

luke skywalker leather black suit by simcosplay
luke skywalker leather black suit by simcosplay
  1. Jacket: the beauty of this costume is its simplicity at first. This costume just requires two clothing and the additional things mentioned just above. One of the clothing is the jacket. Full sleeved, chained and the one with two pockets on the chest area. This is the jacket that you need keeping in mind the color as well.
  1. Pants: for the trousers part, go with the cargo pant of the same color as the jacket and that will work great for your Jedi costume. This is the second and the last piece of clothing you need for the costume.

So, these were two most famous costumes of the character Luke skywalker from star wars series. Go to a theme party, Halloween or just have a star wars fan get together, you have your costumes ready for this character. It serves all your star wars fan needs and looks exactly like the original character.