Couples in a relationship celebrate their togetherness in many ways. One of the best ways to express a thousand emotions of love is a couple of rings. The couple rings are not just to give as a gift. There are various meanings and purposes of couple rings.

A couple of rings can make the moment beautiful and precious for the couple. Every couple who are living and loving to live in the relationship can go for a couple of rings.

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What is A Couple Ring?

The couple ring is a symbol of love which is given by any person to his/her life partner. This shows the commitment of love between a couple. The ring becomes a sign of a serious relationship and it signifies that are going to marry each other in the future. The exchange of this ring can also mean that a future engagement is likely or simply that you have a devotion to one another.

 Significance of couple rings

The significance of the promise rings for couple varies with the type of ring. The common signs behind the couple’s rings are – a sign of commitment and love. The promise of standing for the relationship is the basic purpose of the couple rings.

Some of the couples love to twin with a couple of rings. The modern couples show the couple rings as a sign of their unconditional love.

Types of couple rings

The types of couple rings are not differentiated with the designs. It is more about the stages of the relationship. The unmarried couples have the uncommitted stage. Then, once they commit to marry each other, it will be a different stage. The wedding day and the initial married life of another stage. The last stage is when the couple leads the relationship happily.

Types of couple rings

  1. Promise rings

Promise rings are preferred as the alternative for the couples in the relationship. The reason for calling promise rings as an alternative is- they can be exchanged by the couples who are not committed to marriage. Promise rings are also considered as precious rings if the couple has an idea of replacing the promise ring with an engagement ring.

It is good to go with promise rings in the initial stages of a relationship. Making the promises and a word of commitment to keep up the promises- this is the main purpose of promise ring for the new-gen relationships.

  1. Engagement rings

Engagement rings are the legal sign of pre-marriage. Engagement is a ceremony that happens before marriage. It is a traditional rule of exchanging rings and to make a promise of marriage.

Engagement rings are worn by the couple only on the engagement ceremony. The engagement rings are treated as the most precious rings. The cost of engagement rings is also high compared to any other type of couple rings.

  1. Wedding rings

The couple, who got engaged legally must be ready with wedding rings. These are simpler rings than engagement rings. Be it cost wise or design-wise, the wedding rings are simple.

The wedding rings are worn on the same finger on which the engagement ring is glided. The wedding rings are called as wedding bands.

  1. Eternity rings

The couples are fond of receiving and giving surprises. Surprises keep the spark in the relationship. So, eternity rings can be a surprise that you can give to your partner. When you want to express gratitude and as a reminder of love, you can gift an eternity ring.

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Eternity rings are mostly given after many years of marriage or the first child’s birth. The meaning of eternity rings changes and depends on the wish or view of the partner.

Why Couple Rings Are Precious?

The rings and jewelry are not just special based on the cost. It is more special with the reasons and significance. Every couple can have their reason to get the couple rings. The moment of exchanging the couple ring is purely special for a couple in stage with any type of ring.

The couple rings are pretty with designs and precious with the reasons. Every couple dreams of the couple rings. The couple rings make the bond stronger with promises and unconditional love that they show for each other. If you feel couple rings are the best way to celebrate your togetherness, then get a pair soon.